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Shredd are a garage rock band from Glasgow who's debut EP 'Every Time We Meet I Want To Die' was released on Fuzzkill Records on 21/01/17.

"Shredd's Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is a very different sounding triumph, a fuzz-toned trio of tracks which to arrive untampered from the mid-90s, such is the grunge/Britrock fusion at work in their heavy riffs, wind tunnel Wall of Sound howls and winning enthusiasm." - THE LIST

"Shredd are a force of total nihilism. New EP 'Every Time We Meet I Want To Die' is a pitch blast guitar-led eruption, an intense document of almost industrial anger." - CLASH MUSIC

"As refreshingly unrestrained and liberated as garage rock gets, there's a sense of authenticity which seeps through the music of Glasgow's Shredd. Striking a balance between delicate harmonies and dissonance which harks back to the genre's forebearers, the bands debut EP Every Time We Meet I Want To Die can be summarised as a whirlwind of gripping guitar parts and reckless abandon." - TENEMENT TV

"Glasgow's garage-rock trio Shredd have delivered an exhilarating first release, marking their territory as carnage inducers whose delicate vocals and catchy harmonies leave you in the comfort of a hazy 90's dream. The EP takes an unrelenting incline with each track fiercer than the last, this being the product of a band under a fairly new guise, laying their cards out on the table with complete, unadulterated ferocity. An undeniably primal three track compilation which unleashes a barrage of abrasive, guitar-led instrumentals to make for a real, spirited listen." - SAMAs